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AIM Weingarten (WEINX) Acquired

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AIM Investments

Press Release
For Immediate Release

March 16, 2006

AIM InvestmentsĀ® Announces Shareholder Approval

HOUSTON, March 16, 2006 - AIM Investments announced that the proposed reorganization of six funds including AIM Weingarten Fund (WEINX) has been approved by shareholders of the respective funds.

The reorganization of AIM Weingarten Fund is expected to be completed on March 27, 2006. AIM Weingarten Fund will close to new investors at the close of business March 17, 2006.

AIM Weingarten Fund will be acquired by AIM Constellation Fund managed by Lanny H. Sachnowitz (Lead), Kirk L. Anderson, James G. Birdsall, Robert Lloyd (assisted by the Large/Multi-Cap Growth Team)

Weingarten Coat Of Arms

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Weingarten, Missouri

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Founded in 1887 and located in unincorporated Sainte Genevieve County, Missouri, Weingarten is about thirteen miles southwest of Sainte Genevieve on Route 32. A number of wineries and vineyards populate the area.

Area Statistics for Zip Code: 63670 (Weingarten, MO)
Population 11,968
Average Age 38.6 years
Average Household Income $43,610.00
% Single 37.8%
% Married 62.2%
% Families 27%
Average Household Size 2.71 people
% College 8.7%
% White Collar 37.9%
Cost of Living Index 84.4
Average Annual Expenses By Category for Zip Code: 63670 (Weingarten, MO)
Utility $2,880.00
Consumer $37484 per year
Education $309 per year
Entertainment $1934 per year
Transportation $1316 per year
Retail $16719 per year
Nonretail $20765 per year
Climate for Zip Code: 63670 (Weingarten, MO)
Winter High 30.3 degrees
Winter Low 20.1 degrees
Summer High 89.8 degrees
Summer Low 61.1 degrees
Precipitation 41.4 inches
Air Quality 74
Crime for Zip Code: 63670 (Weingarten, MO)
Crime Index 1.3
Personal Crime Index 2
Cultural Diversity for Zip Code: 63670 (Weingarten, MO)
Culture Index 56

Weingarten - German To English Translation

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The German word “weingarten” literally translates to “vineyard” in English.

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